Wish Granted

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Last night I was alone and talking to myself [mentally] on my balcony. I was trying to do experiments on coloring and I think, I failed miserably. Feeling bad about it, I took a break.

I told myself, “I just don’t want to be a regular portrait artist. I want to be one of the best. I don’t see a lot of really good artists. I want to be the kind of artist that people seek out to paint portraits for themselves – the kind that will last for generations to come. If I am to do paintings – let it be of people. Portraits. The kind of portraits people will love and feel good about themselves.” That’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t tell anyone about it.

Today, I had a request to do a portrait of a couple. In acrylic. ACRYLIC.

They had an old portrait, a photo, that was fading. A painting wouldn’t – and shouldn’t fade. The best part is that they will provide everything I need.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The Universe heard and answered. I am now moving in that direction and walking it. Yes people, be careful of what you wish for and pray for. Once it comes true, be prepared to hit the ground running!!

Does this mean I will quit being a webmaster or SEO/SEM site manager? No. Will I stop doing digital graphics and designs? No. Will I quit and drop everything to pursue this? No. Rather I will make time and set some goals for myself.

These are:

  1. 100 Portraits of people and pets
  2. 100 Things
  3. 100 Places

They will be hand painted on paper and canvas.

Will this include paintings and works done digitally? No. That is separate. 🙂

All this will come to pass.

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