This was the first time I ever joined a live-model painting session. It was a learning experience for me. I’ve always wanted to join one, I never had the money nor time. Agos Kulay organizes this every 2 weeks at the Ayala Museum. It is a fantastic way to stretch your skills and imagination.


I learned that:

  1. Whatever organization you enter there will always be people who are more interested in the things you have rather than on the technique you used. I just find it interesting. I learned a lot stuff about paper too though. 🙂
  2. Somehow your group identifies you. It is who they are. Since I do not technically belong to any group, I am a nobody. Ah the freedom of being a nobody!
  3. Since this is the first time I joined this, I realized I need to bring certain things* in order to create a better painting. This is not an urban sketching moment. It is a paint-a-decent-portrait moment.
  4. I love washes. I love the challenge a wash painting brings. I really do. I love the adrenalin rush while painting something you know you just have an hour to do, and do well!
  5. I also loved the works that were done in chalk pastel.

IMG_0998 IMG_1019
This I will need to bring.

  1. More brushes – for wash, for details, a waterbrush and a blending brush.
  2. A rag
  3. A waterbucket and a ready palette.
  4. My trusty waterspray.
  5. A fan to dry the paint — I was so impatient, I did a 2-minute sketch while waiting. Then again, I guess that was a good thing.
  6. A small stool to put my stuff on.
  7. A white board thingie.

IMG_1020 IMG_1023


Photo Credit: Billie Beltran

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