My memories of makeup tattoo would be the grandmothers and mothers with green eyebrows and garish blue eyeliners that would always distract me in a conversation. There are just some things you don’t do to your face. Tattoos are one of them – or so I thought.

I love putting on make up. I loved enhancing my features when I was younger. It is fun and I do enjoy looking pretty and feeling good about it. But as you start working and managing a family, the last thing you want to do is put on foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow powder, lipstick – ack! The ultimate nightmare would be crooked brows and lined eyes because you had to get out of the door in 3 minutes for that client meeting. Then you realize they’re crooked because your clients are looking at it, not at you. You’ve become a distraction, not attraction. It was then that the idea of makeup tattoo started getting interesting.

Now I am wearing black eyeliner and I hope it lasts forever. I’m happy because all I have to do is my brows and wear lipgloss. I’m also happy because I know I will never suffer from crooked eyeliners again (unless I want to thicken it and do a wing tip).

This would be great for:

  • People who have a high threshold for pain and would want to look good when they wake up. Not glammed up – just good enough that you don’t look like you had 2 hours of sleep
  • Those whose hands shake or physical impairments that makes it difficult for you to apply makeup.
  • Those who have allergic reactions to make up.

I learned a few things about my experience though, which I am sure a lot of women with similar procedures will agree to.

Do your research.

Google is your best friend – so is facebook. Research and read all reviews. If you can get to talk to somebody – please do. Is the artist (yes, makeup artists are ARTISTS in my opinion) reputable? Is she licensed? How long has she been doing it? Is she hygienic? And most importantly, is her cosmetic style compatible with what you want?

Talk to your artist.

Ask her what she plans to do, how will she go about it and why is she doing it that way. Have her draw it so that you will know what you will look like and if it is what you want. What tool is she using, why is she using that and what to expect. What should you do and shouldn’t do. Remember – you can always say “no”.

Upper lid, lower lid or both?

Upper lid definitely. Lower lid – definitely not. When you get older, your skin sags and so does your eyes. You will look like droopy-eyed Betty Boop with wrinkles. That is not a good thing to see in front of the mirror at 5am.

Tattoo = PAIN!

Inhale. Exhale. Read that again and accept it as a fact.

Yes, there’s numbing creme. Some tattoo/makeup artists would go a step further by injecting your lids with anaesthesia. My threshold for pain is very low. So on my next visit (retouch) I will definitely need to take a pain killer.

Again, if blood scares you (specially with microblading), you can always say “no”. If the thought of pain really scares you, even if she is your bestie, you can always say “no”.

You won’t “look like your scary grandma”.

I have to wait for at least 6 – 8 weeks to know how it will truly look like. Why? I learned that tattoo ink reacts differently with each person. It could lighten 30%-50% or my skin could reject the pigment altogether.

Eyeliner Tattoo

[Promise to take a better picture because I will be updating this post.]

My I-love-it-to-death-barely-there-but-it-is-there eyeliner was done by

How much:
Php 5,000 with retouch after 30 days.

In her studio. You can contact her personally to set a schedule.

30-minutes to get the topical anaesthesia to work.
20 – 30 minutes to get it done, that is IF your skin reacts favorably to the pigment and you don’t tear up easily (I did, so it took longer).

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