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Creative and Technical Skills

  • 28 years applied knowledge in Digital Graphic Design for WEB development, print media, marketing collaterals, and film/animation.
  • 22 years hands on application of Search Engine Optimization Techniques, Digital Marketing management for sites ranging from casinos, blogs , poker, adult graphic novels, shopping carts, industrial chemicals, and mainstream content.
  • 8 years of skills training for employee development. Skills that include but are not limited to call-center services [sales, customer service and basic communication for both verbal and written skills], Basic SEO-SEM, animation, post production processes, web development and digital imagery. Developed curriculum based on needs and set up training

Summary of Achievements

Project Manager for US-based companies

  1. Manages large and small creative solutions projects from marketing collaterals, one-page advertorials to large-scale, multi-channel projects.
  2. Responsible for developing the voice for all aspects of the company’s online presence. In addition to writing, editing and proofreading site content, it also includes working closely with the technical team to maintain site standards with regard to new development.;

Commission on Information and Communications Technology

Was able to implement and complete the first phase of the following government projects, aiming to benefit students:

  1. Commercially Viable Research Outputs on Selected State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) on Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE);
  2. Jeepney ni Jan-Jan : 2D/3D Role Playing Game (RPG) on Philippine Culture and the Arts in cooperation with CCP [Cultural Center of the Philippines]
  3. Computer-based Training Modules (CBTs) for English Proficiency
  4. Digital Content Portal/website, iLEARN.gov.ph
  5. Basic Animation/Digitization Training module structure to be taught to students in State Universities and colleges.
I-webmasters Inc./Offshoring, Inc.
Developed and organized a training program for Search Engine Optimization skills. In line with this training, a line-up of jobs was created to cater to the growing demand of Internet Marketing, making the company more viable and opening its new services to the US market.
Freelance Projects

  1. Instrumental in expanding a staff of 5 to 12 in one year, exceeding minimum production objectives as dictated by the mother company in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  2. Recruited and trained a team of programmers for a Canadian company for setting up and maintaining an online, multilevel discussion board for hobbyists in America, London and Canada.
  3. Created and developed  2 years worth of content for 4 digital graphic novel titles in 8 months with a team of artists and web designers.

Pinoynet Inc.

  1. Started a creative web group and software development team that expanded from a group of 10 to 30 employees in three years.
  2. Responsible for setting up 15 online casinos abroad, with complete front end and back end for its mother company in Toronto, Canada, 88 professional websites for foreign-based clientele.

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