A Written Note Each Day

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I really think I’ve forgotten how to write. I’ve spent so much time working in front of the computer that my hand freezes and aches when I start writing. Hand cramps, is there such a thing? I haven’t even started writing journal entries yet.



Yes it is horrible. The letters are uneven and so is the pressure. How has it come to this? A digital artist that can’t even write properly with a brush. A real brush pen.

So with this I promise to create a handwritten note each day. Hopefully it grows and improves after some time. I know it will take practise, but that’s my promise. How else can I justify my growing addiction for more pens and inks if I can’t even write properly?

I just wonder how many growing pen addicts like me have seen an improvement on their handwriting because of their pen passion (obsession)? Granted that having a wonderful pen doesn’t automatically give you legible handwriting, it somehow forces your fingers to write each letter properly.

I am looking forward to doing more of these notes. Who knows, I might just hit two birds with one stone and end up finding creative ways to take pics of this… this… new fixation.


Pentel brush pen on a Php 35 Jotter Pad  🙂

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