Work Experience


  1. Recruited and trained a team of web professionals to create and manage websites for US clients. Services include but are not limited to SEO/SEM, content building [topics ranging from chemicals, oil, fashion and design, gadgets, healthy living and insurance], creating and designing sites on wordpress, and how-to videos [30 – 60s].
  2. Instrumental in expanding a staff of 5 to 12 in one year, exceeding minimum production objectives as dictated by the mother company in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  3. Recruited and trained a team of programmers for a Canadian company for setting up and maintaining an online, multilevel discussion board for hobbyists in America, London and Canada.
  4. Created and developed  2 years worth of content for 4 digital graphic novel titles in 8 months with a team of artists and web designers.
  5. started a creative web group and software development team that expanded from a group of 10 to 30 employees in three years.
  6. Responsible for setting up 15 online casinos abroad, with complete front end and back end for its mother company in Toronto, Canada, 88 professional websites for foreign-based clientele.


Role Game Project:
Coordinated between CICT, CCP [Cultural Center of the Philippines] and Anino Games for the creation of a 2D/3D Role Playing Game (RPG) on Philippine Culture and the Arts.

Online Poker Game Project:
Managed web development teams in Canada, Argentina, Russia and Manila, to create and manage poker sites and games. Maintained quality in both back and front end designs, supplied online internet marketing support for different international clients.

Online Casino Games Projects:
Responsible for setting up start-up teams in Manila to help companies initiate their own gaming group in Costa Rica, Florida, Canada and Europe.


  1. As Creative Director,  was responsible for the visualization and at times, post production execution of audio visual presentations, infomercials, 15-30 seconder commercials for commercial broadcast.
  2. As non-linear editor, sound editor: Hands-on video editing using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Creative Direction for commercials and AVPs.
  3. 3D animation artist [1994-96]: Actively involved in the visualization and execution of projects for film and audio visual presentations using high-end 3D animation utilizing Softimage 3.0/3.5 and 3D Max.
  4. 2D computer artist/ in-betweener [1993-94]: Created 2D animation for local films for broadcast.


Search Engine Optimization [Basics] :
Conducted workshops regarding introduction to SEO terms and processes for Webmasters, Sales personnel, Writers and Link Builders.

Technical Training:
Responsible for facilitating and conducting trainings for Digital Animation, Multimedia CD production, and open source Video Editing as part of my services rendered for the government under CICT, for selected state universities and colleges nationwide.


Coffee Table Book:
Alamat ng Ibong Adarna Retold by Ma. Elena Paterno
Published by Bookmark
This luxurious book is a collection of 50 full-color animation plates that recapture the magic of Philippine folklore interwoven with the text of Ma. Elena Paterno.
[1998, 42 pp. in full color, 35 x 29 cm]
:: Artist

Art Exhibits:
Cultural Center of the Philippines
Filipina: The Migrant Worker
with Kasibulan
[1993] :: Artist