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These are collection of stories from news, friends and memories that remind me why I love Life!

I was telling a friend about this person in blogster. The writer’s bones would snap and ache, with an eyesight that’s almost going, but never ceased to write about her cat who brought laughter to the lives who would read the blog. After laughing at the antics and stories my friend realized…that she should stop complaining about her life…and start celebrating it again. The same way that writer saw life.

After spending 32 years in a telecommunications firm, helping her department become successful, raising 4 children, and starting a successful couples-for-christ group, my friend calls me…telling me that she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life.

My friend told me an interesting story this morning. Her daughter’s classmate comes up to her, telling her to start recycling. Amused, she asked, “Why?”
“So you can help me save the planet!” She sweetly smiled.
“Why do you want to save the planet?” My friend smiled back.
“Because that’s where I keep all my stuff!” she laughed.

I saw an old couple who joined aerobics class at 8am. The old guy had a plain white shirt and blue jogging pants and rubber shoes. The old lady had a pink shirt, pink headband and pink socks to match. They stayed at the back of the class where there was more space. As they tried to keep up with the pace, the guy would tease his wife who could no longer touch her toes. The wife tried to keep a straight face and poked her husband in return when he couldn’t stretch his back. In a room full of serious, young people, I saw them laugh and make fun of each other like high-school kids.

I watched two women in the bazaar. One had a small dog and the other a toddler. The toddler was on a ‘leash’ and the doggie was sitting on a stroller.

My 34-year old friend was expecting a group of old neighbors to visit them from the US. It was their last night in the Philippines. After hours of food and laughter, she noticed her younger brother laughing with the girl that he used to tease relentlessly when they were still kids. They call each other names until they ran, crying back to their parents. They’d fart and burp and laugh till they’d fart and burp some more. The next day her brother sat alone in the terrace. After some casual banter he suddenly sighed after remembering that his friend has left. He then stared at the distance… “she’s the one.”

A 50 year-old woman was crying uncontrollably in the news. Her fellow church members were on their way up to the mountains for a retreat when the bus they were in, fell into a ravine. Her daughter begged her to stay and celebrate her birthday last Saturday with them. She was thanking God that her life was spared.

These are collection of stories from news, friends and memories that remind me why I love Life!


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