People have always told me,

“You have so many interests, you have to focus on something and that will define you!”

“No wonder you don’t like sleeping, you’re always doing something.”

“What do you want to be? You have to be somebody. You can only chose one!”

Sometimes I despair because I can’t choose. I have this incredible energy to create. I make sure that something comes out of anything I do, anything I touch. It has to happen! After pouring much energy, time and love into it, what I perceived in my head comes to life and it happens. May it be an exhibit, a book, a project, a game, an endeavor. It happens.

But does it define who I am? No. It defined who I WAS.

Did it answer who I wanted to be? Did I become somebody? Yes! I became an artist, a manager, a mother, a wife, a moderator, a call-center agent, a blogger, a choir singer, a tv extra, a stagehand, a student, a writer, a terracotta artist, a 3D “engineer”, a 2D inbetweener, a video editor, a sound artist, a CEO, a trainer, a friend, a lover, a teacher, a bitch, a doormat, a creative content consultant, a bum, a lesbian, a bisexual, a mistress, a slut, a daughter and … in the eyes of some people I know, I am still a nobody.

Until now, there are so many jobs I want to take, things I want to do… I am still trying to be another “somebody”. All this define who I am. All of them are me … and not me. There is no name or label to what I wish to be, just “me”. Perhaps there’s such a being. I don’t have the words on the kind of road I walk right now. What I do know is that I am moving forward. Always forward.


And that’s all she wrote,


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