In the beginning there was darkness. That was where all creation came from. The darkness of one’s thoughts, the murkiness of one’s womb, the shadows of sleep where dreams take shape.

Creation is like a drug that gets the blood running. An idea that can drive you insane like the incessant caterwauling of cats out in the streets. It is a persistent onslaught of energy that demands to be satiated.

What brings YOU to life? Do you know?

I’ve been asked about the last image on this comic. I wanted to portray God, not as a sternly serious bearded guy with white flowing hair. I portrayed God as a child, for children never stop creating. What’s more, they have fun doing it! They create things with their minds and put their heart and soul into it. Everything they and touch comes to life or gets shattered into pieces. They’re beings of boundless energy that create and destroy at the same time. It made more sense that Gemma’s daughter, Chiara, was wearing her tribe’s dress – the Ibaloi. A Northern tribe whose culture and language has almost disappeared. It becomes a call to go back to our roots and our youth.


And that’s all she wrote,


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