One of the things I learned is that Filipinos don’t like caricatures. Caricatures usually mean that a part of your face would be exaggerated and you would look funny. Most Filipino caricatures would often be a cartoon version of the person – simple lines, shadows and less exaggerations. That’s what I did for this project.

Acrylic on Wooden Plates

The images were drawn using Faber-Castell’s pitt pens then painted over in different layers with acrylic. Since each plate differed in color [some were dark, some were lighter], I had to dye the wood with a uniform wood color then proceeded to layer the paints [shadows]. I did not paint over the wood with acrylic because I wanted the wood grain to be visible.


This was the ‘first layer’. Since the paint I used was Golden’s Acrylic paint – it was transparent enough to let the ink and the wood grain peek through the colors. I had to use a permanent pen that wasn’t alcohol based and had archival qualities.

Leni Robredo cartoon/caricature

This is what it looked like after all that paint, UV coats and 3 layers of varnish plus emulsion.

After painting the colors in acrylic, I redrew the outline using a Pitt Brush Pen, made the border darker so that the image would stand out.

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