Signs of a Better Day

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True wealth is the ability to fully experience life. – Henry David Thoreau

I took this photo 10 minutes ago. It’s ten minutes past 6am and the sky burned with the light of a new dawn for a few minutes. A few minutes were all it took for me to put things in perspective in my life. From the point of view of a person full of gratitude for..

  1. Being able to see the sun rise and admire the sunsets.
  2. To be able to hear a bird or two sing as they welcome the dawn or the sound of churchbells welcoming people for the morning mass.
  3. To be alive.
  4. To be able to feel the cool breeze of the December air on my skin.
  5. To be able to have a home strong enough to withstand the typhoons and high enough to avoid the floods.
  6. That I am not fearing for my life or the lives of those I love today.
  7. That I actually have clothes to wear, a job I love, a son I am proud of and pets that drive me nuts.
  8. To be able to get stressed and worry about the clothes I will wear, the job that I love and my son that drives me nuts.
  9. To be able to live in a country that respects women.
  10. To be able to write and read!


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