A Reflection on the Newtown, Connecticut Killing

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December 15, 2012: Adam Lanza walks into Sandy Hook Elementary School carrying guns, kills 20 children, 6 adults and succeeds in traumatizing the other students, faculty and parents. The world struggles to understand, how can a 20-year old kill his mother then drive to the school where his mother works and  massacre innocent children before turning the gun on himself.

It’s not about guns, although I do believe that there should be a law regarding the kind of guns sold to individuals -then again what do I know about guns? None.

It’s about the people wielding guns. Within the same day, we had a guy in China STABBING 22 schoolchildren. So, what do you do? Ban knives?! No. You ask what pushes these people to do what they did. How could they sustain such anger for so long? What caused them to explode with such fury such that they don’t mind taking these innocent lives with them in death? Is it society? Is it our educational system? Is it our values? We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask such hard  questions. How many more people and children will die before we could stop such things from occurring?

If Adam Lanza was your son, your brother, your boyfriend, your husband, your friend, – what would you do? Would you have been able to stop such a thing from happening?

Those were the questions I asked myself as I did this simple graphic. Lighting a candle to shed some light into this tragedy. To shed some light into the psyche of people who commit such acts. To hope that we will all be illuminated somehow to create a society where such things can’t or will not happen again.

Food for thought.


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