Experimenting With A Water Brush Pen

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I know there’s the Pentel waterbrush pen which you fill with water and squeeze it out from time to time. The problem with this is that you can over do it and drown the ink. I wanted a water brush pen that could regulate the water flow. That way the gradiation of colors would be even. Enter the Sailor Profit Brush Pen.

I bought this at scribe with the intention of using it for calligraphy and drawing. However the brush lost its tip after a few uses.


Not wanting to feel disappointed, I decided to turn it into a water brush pen to see how it can regulate the flow.


I did a sketch using a picture of the pond in Bencab’s Museum in Baguio.


I was really pleased. It grabs color and places it on sparingly. It wasn’t even dry. MY mistake was, I didn’t use a black waterproof ink [note to self: Get a bulletproof ink!] when I did the sketch.


After coloring the piece, the paper was wet but not soggy. I wasn’t able to do a paper test – but gee…this was supposed to be just a test if the brush can do the job.


The black outline smeared and bled along with the water color. It kinda gave it shadows. Not in the places I wanted, but it looked ok.


I tested it on a smaller image. I drew my pen.


I swear, I’m beginning to think the Sailor Profit brush was made to be used as a water brush or diffuser and not for calligraphy.

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