I tried using the wire coil reservoir on the Hunt 101 nib. I was as frustrated as anything because I couldn’t get the coil to stay put. The Hunt nib flexes so much that the nib would always get displaced. Then a thought struct me – why not put it under the nib and let it simulate what feeds do for fountain pens.

And voila! It worked!!


Just a single dip. That’s all it took to write this phrase and do the swirly ornamentals thingies. Yes, ONE DIP and that’s all it took to do this.

I took close up pics to show what it looks like and how the coil snuggly fits below the nib. It doesn’t get in the way of its flex since it is now nested between the curve.

One thing I learned though, I have to wash both nibs and reservoir after each use. I can’t leave the wet nib on the dip pen holder to dry overnight. It causes these rough spots…that I’m afraid might turn into rust.

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