A Pause From The Daily Grind

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We spend most of our days working. We talk to people without really communicating. “Do this, do that, what’s the status on, have you seen the news, how’s the weather, this is the plan, boss says, wife says, hubby says, son says”.. No wonder people say we don’t stop to smell the flowers – that is, to stop and look at the small stuff.

It is the small things that make our day meaningful. For me it would be the tea time hour with the ones I love, coffee breaks with the ones I work with and now, the blogs and posts my friends would write as the day goes on.


There’s something about listening to or reading somebody else’s stories and learn from the way they view the world and find the strength in the way they face their own challenges. Strangely enough, their words makes me feel like I was able to catch up with my life. Every now and then my soul feels like it finally came home, fulfilled in ways I would have never imagined had I just continued with my daily grind.

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