Teen Spirit

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I dreaded having a teenager in the house. Those eyes that roll with each interjection, automatic objections, daily complaints – and that’s just coming from me.

Before, morning kisses would go, “I love you too, take care!”

Now it’s, “Ouch, please shave.” I’d pause and  raise my voice slightly, “Now!”

Tomorrow, Sunday, is my son’s family day in school. I realized how our parental roles have started to switch.
“Mom, you have to wear yellow. And wear something sporty. We will be playing family games.” My son said as he was doing the dishes.
“You actually expect me to run? Me? Run? You expect us to lose or something?” I asked astounded.
“Don’t worry, we’ll have fun.” My son grinned.
“Yes, it would be fun to watch parents do the games,” he laughed.
I swear, I thought he meant FUNNY.

“Ma, you should see the kid in school, he’s insane!” My son boasted. “He does things to get our attention sometimes.”
“Ha! You think that’s insanity? You won’t know what insanity truly means until you have your own kids,” I said trying to look nonchalant about it.
“I drive you insane?” he asked.
“Yup! Don’t let me give you a list of things I’ve said that you’ve ignored and what I had to do to get you to do them.” I said, amused.
“Awh! I love you mom,” he smiles sweetly and kisses me on the cheek.
“Ouch, please shave,” I make a face as I frown at that 2-day old stubble. He looks at me and makes a face. My voice raises slightly, “Now!”
He gives me an air kiss as he moves to go out the door and do something completely different.
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