When I was new at blogster back in 2009, I had no idea how to blog or how it was like to be in a blogging community. Sure I had a job to fulfill, one of them was learning how to blog. Charlie (Abifyt) happened to be one of the few who visited and commented on my blog (Anacoana, ceilede, Strider333, Ekyprogressive and BeverlyD were among the first).

This was one of his avatar when he decided to use his name on blogster:


And this is the watercolored portrait of that.


I think i might use another photo later on.

I used the image because of the lighting. His cheek was almost white and I would like to learn how to “paint sunlight” into my paintings. I didn’t leave his cheek white. After running over the entire paper with a brush, I brushed the entire face with the lightest combination of Rose and Yellow Ochre. I think I should’ve used Rose and Burnt Sienna. It would’ve given his skin a more pinkish undertone. After doing that, I waited 20 seconds before drying everything with a rag to lift off excess color. It left a light pigment on the skin and that is the lightest part of the face. I left the background white for contrast.

As usual, I will edit this after 12 hours when I can look upon the painting with ‘fresh eyes’. For now, this will do.


Added: Aug 21.

Amado and I were talking about this painting. He was right. I took out the yellow and added flesh tones. Then after diluting brown + red, I took a smaller brush and added hair in small strokes. It does look better. 

I also ‘dimmed’ the sparkle in the other eye because it is, after all, supposed to be in shadows.


Yes, Charlie, your portrait is done. 

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