I guess one could tell that I don’t want to be stuck in a rut. With friends like Amado – who would?

It is good to have someone who can push you to do something else. Amado’s that kind of person. He would show some works or send me a link of a painting that shows  a different style, and we’d both wonder how it was done. We actually did something really fun – he got a pic of his and suggested that we both paint the same pic. It was a wonderful pic of Ish.


With that as the subject, I ended up with this after a few hours:


This is what Amado has done:


A painting of Ish by Amado Chua

I love his work and what he has done!

I am aware that I’m having a few problems with the likeness. I already know what part needs to be worked on. However I’d like to note the things I did differently with this portrait.

1. For skin, I used Yellow Ochre and Rose [it just says Rose lol]. It’s what Amado suggested. I think it looks good.

2. I placed blue and green in the shadow area, yellow and orange in the highlights.

3. I used a makeup sponge to do the highlights AND remove some of the paint to create textures and patterns. I find this one amazing. I think I could try to enhance and do the finishing touches using this sponge technique.

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