Not every picture looks good as a painting. I am learning that now.

This was taken by a friend and I think it’s ok.


If a picture is blurry – chances are the watercolor portrait or picture will not have any detail at all. Blurry also means low resolution. A photo may look really good as a thumbnail, but it is not a good reference for an A4 portrait.

Not all selfies will make a good watercolor image. Just because a photo looks really good doesn’t mean that it is the perfect watercolor portrait/subject. I still believe that all paintings should tell a story. Therefore the picture itself should tell a story. The subject doesn’t have to smile and look at the camera. It could be a stolen shot or a moment of quiet. Also, most of the time, I noticed that pictures taken outdoors are better – more contrast and better tonal value. This goes for both portrait and still life subjects.

Yes, if the photo is good, the resulting portrait can be good. However don’t expect a photorealistic image. I believe that if you want it ‘photorealistic’ then pay a studio and get your photos taken. That’s why we have digital photography now. 🙂

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