He actually didn’t like the caricature I did. It was a post I did on ManilaSpeak and it was based on one of the pics I saw on google. My classmate knew him and sent him the image. He asked for my contact and before I knew it, I received a request for a “re-draw”. It took several weeks before I finally had the time to do this. I decided to do a pen and ink sketch instead of a caricature.


For those who do not know him, you can read more about him in the link above.

Update:  (October 4, 2016)

Was able to meet him during one of the media forums streamed at manilaspeak’s Kapihan sa Manila Bay at Cafe Adriatico. He wanted something bigger pa nga.

One thing you will notice right away, he’s a very sharp dresser. He also listens even when you think he’s not paying attention, something that I found very amusing. Because it means that this person should not be underestimated. So yes, while everyone saw him a lawyer or even the President’s Chief Legal Adviser – I saw him as a person without those honorifics.


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