The Manor @ Camp John Hay

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It was our last day in Baguio when a friend told me to meet up at The Manor. Camp John Hay celebrated its 25th year anniversary last Sept 10 and one of the limited-release items they had on their menu was the burger. This was the burger they served back when CJH was still managed by the Americans.

So while waiting for my friend, I decided to do a rough sketch.
That rough sketch of the grounds started getting more detailed as the wait stretched to an hour.
This was the semi-finished product.

One thing I realized is that I should never leave the house with my pens half filled with ink – and without any coloring medium or material. You’ll never know when such moments will happen. By the time I was done with the sketch, the pen I was using [Sailor Fude de Mannen] was almost empty. That’s when my friend arrived and we finally got to taste CJH’s famous burger.


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