These are interesting times. Election brings out the best and the worst in politicians. They always offer their best foot forward and at the mean time, risk making a fool of themselves during the campaign period by singing and dancing to the cheering [paid] crowd. I guess in hope that the crowd will remember them more for their vocal prowess and dance moves, rather than their performance in the past 6 years.

Due to schedule and personal events, I’ve taken a short break from doing political cartoons and caricatures. Yes, I’ll be adding more to this pretty soon. 🙂



There was a time when Chiz Escudero was the only one running for vice presidency. Now we have too many of them.


Neal Cruz has always been my favorite Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist. He is an inspiration. I still feel honored that I met this man at least thrice in my lifetime.


I actually love this idea. I was talking to Christine on how Mar Roxas and the current president, Noynoy Aquino seemed joined at the hip. She goes, why don’t you do a Zaphod Beeblebrox version? I had no idea what she was talking about until she showed it to me. It was perfect!




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