I haven’t created a comic strip in decades, yet somehow this one had to be drawn…not written.

Why “Noonies”?

A friend of mine, Leanna, used that word to describe what we were all going through.

“You know…that TV show where that alien guy went upside down in a closet and goes ‘noonie-noonie-noonie’…. ” she gestured, mimicking the comic.

“Er… That’s nanu-nanu from Mork and Mindy.” I said. “uhm.. Robin Williams..1970’s..”

“Whatever! It’s the best word to describe something that’s out of this world!” she laughed.

And the word just stuck. So here it is, the Noonies.  A word that describes any strange experience or those “out of this world”.


And that’s all she wrote,


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