More Fan Art from the Game of Thrones

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I’m not saying that digital painting is easier – but dealing with watercolor, you get to realize how temperamental it can be. It can’t be too wet, too dry [depends on the effect] and your brush can’t be too thick or too thin. Most of all – you can’t really erase a mistake. You can erase pencil marks. But erasing and lightening a color to ‘redo’ it doesn’t have that same effect.
arya 2
Arya Stark:
Again, I am confronting my weakness – dealing with faces where only half would be seen, the other half hidden in darkness. I need more work. Yes, I am not that happy with how this turned out.
John Stark:
Ok. I like this one. That perpetually pained look.
Ramsay Bolton:
I just wanted to get that smirk and the coldness of his eyes. The rest didn’t have much details. I think I like this one.

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