Memorable Snapshots

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‘When are you going to buy another camera?” My son asked.

“Perhaps this year after my project finishes and after buying a washing machine [it finally died after 7 years….].” I said, taking in the beauty around me and taking pics. “Why?”

“When you get to buy another camera, can I have this one mom?” Brian asked. Trying to put on his sweetest smile as he clung to my arm.

I looked at him and at my camera. I’ve used this camera for almost 6 years. Almost each scratch has a story to tell. I felt a bit sentimental about it and asked, “Why would you want to have my camera? I think it’s about to conk out. The lens are now squeaking everytime I try to zoom in.”

My son took my camera and smiled, “I want to do what you’re doing mama. I want to create my own memories and make them more permanent just as what you are doing. I want to be able to remember everything the way they are now and show them to my kids and tell them stories the way you are doing right now.”

With it, he took our pic.


Me and a taxi in Baguio

…in a taxi in Baguio

It may not be the most flattering pic I have…but it captured our time together as we took the taxi back to the bed and breakfast place we stayed in.

Of all the times to take a pic of me… He laughed as I was making a remark about this ethnic, erotic bench scupture of a couple doing 69.

He wanted me to take a pic of him with the lion guarding the Taoist Bell Church Temple. The kids and parents were laughing at him as he stuck this pose…

….aaaaand this too. I guess we all know where he got his sense of humor.

“mama quick! Take a pic of these.” He said. “I want to remember how it looks like to see tall pine trees catching the sunlight at 7am.”

“Look mama, somebody did a sculpture of you!” He smiled. “Since we can’t buy it, I’ll take a picture of it so we can take it home.”

After a long day, we waited for the bus going home. “Take a pic of us mama. I’ll pretend I’m smaller than you again, so I can put my head on your shoulder and sleep.”

After the trip I told him I will take care of the camera and make sure that he gets it. I’ll teach him how to work the controls so he would feel comfortable using it and creating his own set of memories. Now, if I can only get him to start writing everything down…

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