I don’t normally do fanart. Perhaps I should do more of it as a way of practising techniques since most tv shows and movies do dramatic lighting. To help train myself in doing ‘different’ styles of portraiture in watercolor.

I’ve always wanted to do Danaerys. I already drew images in my mind of her and her dragons. But nothing got more dramatic than the Game of Thrones s06ep04 when she stepped out of the flames naked and unscathed. It was her eyes that caught me.


One of the challenging things about watercolor is how to do shadows. Watercolor is about light and making colors with minimal strokes. Shadows take more paint than usual and can make something look dense. A single layer can make it look flat. So there has to be a balance between color, paint and technique. That is something I am still trying to learn and teach myself.


For this one – I tried to make everything else fluid and putting detail on just a single part.

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