Last week had an event that marked the end of a project for me.

Presidents, CEOs, officials and representatives of different BPOs along with government institutions and private organizations came together for a common cause – that is to create a healthier workplace. The project started earlier this year with 8 BPOs participating in a Project led by the UN’s International Labor Organization. The “health domains” tackled in particular were Cigarette smoking, HIV/AIDs and STI, Alcohol and Drugs, Nasal/Lung Ailments and Tuberculosis, Good Health and Breasfeeding and finally, Exercise. These health areas form the word CHANGE, a workplace campaign for healthier lifestyles among young professionals, which was pioneered in the BPO industry, and is intended to reach those in other sectors as well.

This isn’t just a movement that is targeted towards the employers and business owners. This is a movement that is also geared towards spreading information among employees, hoping that afterwards, they will make “informed choices”. To help them, the ILO and its partners [Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment – Occupational Safety and Health Center, Business Processing Association of the Philippines, Employers Confederation of the Philippines, World Health Organization, UNAIDS and the UNDP] developed marketing and learning materials from which I was tasked to design and execute. Below are the designs that were given to all those present and to BPOs who wish to implement the change in their work system.

The executive overview summarizes the entire project.

The executive overview summarizes the entire project.


It contains 6 fact sheets with stats and facts regarding each of the health domains that was focused on. It also contains one CD with advocacy videos created for this project, targeting employers and employees.

.”]way if you wish some retention to happen.”].”], and how to measure the change — if it has been effective. “]

way if you wish some retention to happen.”]I didn't want the factsheets to be typical pie-charts, photos and stats. I wanted it to be more interesting so I used and created images and turned it into an infographic. In this day and age has to learn to present information in a more interesting [if not dynamic] way if you wish some retention to happen.

We conducted a study and found out that positive messages are more effective than negative ones. Which is why, each of the health areas have additional posters that employers can use to promote the issues. The next image is an example.


These materials are published by the ILO and will soon be released for public consumption by July, 2012 on their website.


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