If I knew doodling could be this enjoyable, I should’ve done this when I was in high school. That is, organized doodling! It was an idea that a lot of artists have already started. I realized that in order to be good at something, I had to learn to discipline myself. What better way than to start doodling everyday? Time has always been a luxury on my end. I will be posting my works as they are done on both my facebook and instagram accounts. However I will compile them and upload a bigger image on this blog.




1 of 365 Doodles: Gemini

This doodle was about twins communicating with each other in different timezones. I didn’t realize the significance of what I drew until somebody commented and gave that title. After that, I decided to do the entire zodiac in due time.



2 of 365 Doodles: Ganesha/Ganpati

I’ve always loved the story of Ganpati/Ganesha, the headstrong son of Parvati, wife of Shiva. He eliminates [or adds] obstacles both material and spiritual in the divine scheme of things. This was given to Kailash Ramchandani.





3 of 365 Doodles: Storm

Drawn while listening to GodSpeed You! Black Emperor’s “Storm”. Please don’t ask me what this is about. I am still figuring it out myself.



4 of 365 Doodles: Phoenix Rising

My Phoenix is not a bird. It is a person who have gone through so many lifetimes in one breath of life and has transitioned into something that nobody else expected. She carries the scars of her wounds like a tattoo, a reminder of her strength and courage. How she struggled to break out of everyone’s mold and expectations, to the firebrand that she is today. And she still rises, breaking glass ceilings in her wake.


5 of 365 Doodles: Twins

At first glance I know it looks like a yin-yang. But that’s what twins are, they balance each other. They are complete opposites, each realizing its own potential yet they complement each other in strange ways. There is both light and dark in both of them – duality of life.


6 of 365 Doodles:When Roots Run Deep

Ever wonder how deep some roots can go? Down to the heart of all things that sustains life.


7 of 365 Doodles: Squid Dreams

Billie woke up from a dream where a giant squid was trying to sink the boat she was in. One got hold of her. She felt that the squid was angry because of what humans were doing to nature. She told the squid that she didn’t do anything and in fact, have done a lot of things to help nature thrive. The squid stopped pulling her down and left. In Billie’s dream, the squid left a mark on her arm.

All these works were created using Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink (because I need it bulletproof) and with the following pens:

  1. LAMY Safari
  2. a vintage 1950s Kaweco Elite 587 pen, stubbed
  3. Sailor Fude de Mannen

PS: I had to add it because I’ve been receiving questions about it. 🙂

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