Lorraine’s my classmate in high school. She requested that I paint a portrait of her family and I was actually delighted with the challenge. What made this challenging was that this is my second largest painting [the first one was 3ft by 4ft]. I learned a few things again while doing this.


  1. The best paper to do this is Canson Montval [cold press] 300 gsm. I love the fact that it was able to take multiple washes and corrections! While the paper was difficult to stretch, it eventually did in the end. This picture was taken before the final stretch.
  2. I also think I need to find a way to capture and document my paintings better. Scanning it is easy – but it doesn’t capture the details or the beauty of the painting itself. I realize that I need to do that specially when showing clients the finished product digitally. The reaction they get when they actually see the painting is almost always the same, “it looks better in real life than when you send a picture online”.
  3. I keep going back to a particular style. I love putting in details. I guess I still have to decide what painting style I am comfortable with.


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