I was fortunate to have eaten at her place early this year. Her house is on a hill and from her backyard, this is what you could see:

In fact the view is so beautiful that she decided to put an old bench. This way her friends and guests could enjoy a cup of hot coffee [or tea] while viewing the hills of Baguio – that is one of the few uninhabited areas of baguio.

She told us not to post pics of her house [what it looked from the outside] because she would often receive visitors thinking that it was a restaurant. News of her cooking and her place can be found online. I can’t blame the writers – her food is truly good.

At the end of the 8-course meal, she was able to sit down with us and I was clicking away, trying to get a good picture with the intention of painting it later on.


Yes, she was tired but she did have a soft smile that lingered as we praised her cooking.

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