It was my first pen-meet. That is a group of people meeting for one reason – fountain pens. It was held at my friend’s place and Thom happened to be there. He’s a shy guy and got flustered when I kept taking pics. The reason why I kept on taking a lot of pics was because it was sunset and it filled the room with gold, red and blue. He happened to be sitting right next to the light source and the artist in me couldn’t resist! He kept on making faces. Finally, I was able to get this pic when he checked his phone. 10 seconds was all I needed.

When I finally got the pic, I promised myself to use this photo for a portrait. I did. I wanted to try and paint a portrait that has two light sources Рone yellowish and the other, bluish.


I know a lot of comic books use this kind of coloring. I was thinking what’s the best way to do it in watercolor.



This is the first time I’ve done this. Will try again with another photo.

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