Sundays, My Sundays

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The older we get, the more we hang on to what was or what used to be.


I noticed that only the older people and parents insist on spending Sundays with family. Here you find parents hovering around kids who spend the afternoons watching movies, playing computer/tv games and napping. Kids would always want to do something different. When they get to their teens, they’d want to spend their Sundays with friends or on their own. It is the older people who insist on connecting, on sharing stories over burnt lunch, complaining about politics and economics while laughing about the latest gossip on showbiz.

Yes, I’m a parent and I find myself demanding “Sundays off” from work. Sunday mornings are usually for sunday mass or sleeping late. Sundays are for cooking a sumptuous sunday lunch or dinner, with “music from those golden years (1940s onwards) would be playing in the background. Sunday afternoons are for siesta, helping kids with their projects or making sure they just get it done. My son would be drawing or reading a novel or pester the cats because he’s bored.

Sunday evenings are for stories; stories about school, about life, about the past, about questions we never thought of asking our own parents, about listening and enjoying the quiet company of people you trust. Quiet sunday evening are also my perfect work hours – when everybody’s asleep and I’d be alone with my thoughts, focusing on the work that needs to get done for the week.

Sundays, lazy Sundays. I find myself grateful that I have such days.



Now if I could only find a kite ballet as perfect as this on a Sunday afternoon, that would truly be great!

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