I am impatient. It shows in everything I do. Which is why it takes a lot for me to be patient when doing something – anything. From cooking to coding. I have to find something to distract me while I wait. That’s when I browse, do something else or in this case, practise getting used to my pens.

I used the 6mm pen for these.


I am in search for the ethnic zentangle…that is, if there is such a thing.



I’ve been fascinated with muslim women, particularly Asian Muslim women love color. It’s almost seems like the colors and patterns they choose, reflect who they are. I realized it’s the perfect way of experimenting with patterns and colors [yipe!].


And for these below, I used the Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Fountain Pen. This one takes forever getting used to. It’s not the pressure that causes the line to change but the angle by which the pen is held. So, if you hold it like a pen, it will give you thin consistent strokes. However, if you write it at an angle, like a brush, it will act like a calligraphy pen.

Apr505 Apr504 Apr503


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