It all started when my brother asked me to do a portrait of his friend. He didn’t want a digital one. He wanted something tangible. A ‘real’ artwork.

That’s what pushed me to pick up the brush and do watercolor portraits.


I can’t get these thoughts out of my mind. It’s like I’m gripped with a fever and I’m too distracted with this. Like a bad case of diarrhoea I feel that I have to exorcise each and every idea out of my brain in order to find rest.


When I close my eyes, I no longer dream of darkness. I dream of brush strokes and subjects. How to do things differently, how could I improve, what did I do wrong the last time.


So now I’ve stopped coding…and have started painting. At the end of each work day I look forward to playing with my paints and brushes. In fact, whenever I take a break, I open my sketchpad and start sketching. Yes, sooner or later I will integrate calligraphy into these paintings – but for now, I paint while the fever grips me. I decided to do what another fellow artist started – that is to create 100 portrait paintings and then stop.

Yes… 100 sounds like a good number.

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