Watercolor Portrait 72 of 100: Jack

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I must say, it was love at first bite. Reggie brought home some smoked ribs and turtle-pecan pie. I think it was one of those truly memorable lunches when all we could talk about was the food. Then Reggie made me taste some real, smoked bacon and I was smitten. It took months before I finally met the man himself – the owner and creator of goodies, Jack Ruvivar of Smokes n’ Sweets.

His heart is big and his generosity is even bigger. His creative ideas simply run as far as his tastebuds would allow. He experiments with his creations the way an artist experiments with color and the result would often be a difference in texture, flavor – but never quality.  His wife grounds him. Watching him and Rachel exchange banter was like watching a sitcom mash up of “Friends” and “Vicious”.


With this painting I did something different. I did the effects first. In fact I didn’t realize how much paint I splashed all over until I was done and the kitchen tiles looked like somebody was murdered in color (yes, I did this one in the kitchen).


By the time the paint dried, I got nervous because the color bled everywhere. I got scared that I might not be able to do the shadows and lighting properly.



I know I need more practise. I need to be able to  control the paint and water such that the shadows and light would be more pronounced.

You can catch Smokes n’ Sweets [that’s Jack and Rachel] at Sidcor every Sunday or just follow him on facebook. That way you will know what goodies to expect and even reserve a day ahead (his food gets sold out by 11am).

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