I don’t know which is more challenging – drawing a white pet or a black one. Sure, the dog already showed blue highlights. But how do you make it into a painting?


I placed the basic colors first. I realized that I have to do the highlights last. The base color is what the highlights will look like once paint has been lifted.


I then put the shadow color on the darkest part and waited for the paint to dry. Once the paint dried up, I got a brush and with clean water and rag, I slowly took out the paint. This would be my highlights and detail. I was careful to brush in the direction of the fur.


Once the painting dried, I placed the highlights and darker shadows. I had no choice but to use black in this painting.



I had to use white paint for the highlights. However, I had to add blue [light blue for the details – hair and reflection] because I could no longer lift any color from the paper.


I did like how it turned out. Again, I did what a friend of mine suggested – that is, when you’re in doubt as to what colors to use as background – use a lighter shade of your base colors. It did turn out nice.

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