My mother is 1/4 Spanish. It shows. Although she didn’t inherit the gray eyes and height, she got the wide hips, which she passed on to me. 🙂 My mother’s petite for her height and weight – she stands 4 ft 11 inches [although she will adamantly say that she’s 5 feet and I’m 5’3″] and weighs 120lbs. Yes constantly complains about being overweight and is, quite vain.

When I was going around the house with a camera, she screamed at me, “You will not take my pic! I look horrendous!” Being the dutiful daughter I was, I followed her orders. I didn’t take her pic when she was looking. Since my camera had zoom lens, I could take pics of her from anywhere in the garden. It was afternoon and the sun’s rays shone through the trees that lined our yard. It fell softly on her back – and that’s when I took this picture.



Yes, that’s my mom. She never goes out of her room without her lipstick on, her curls in place etc. She should always look “presentable” even if she’ll be doing house chores the whole day. 🙂


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  • Katherine Ballensky

    wow the love you have for her surely came through in your brush strokes.

    I am so fortunate to be able to see your works.

    Thank you.