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365 Days of Doodling: 1st Week

If I knew doodling could be this enjoyable, I should’ve done this when I was in high school. That is, organized doodling! It was an idea that a lot of artists have already started. I realized that in order to be good at something, I had to learn to discipline myself. What better way than to start doodling everyday? Time has always been a luxury on my end. I will be posting my works as they are done on both my facebook and instagram accounts. However I will compile them and upload a bigger image on this blog.




1 of 365 Doodles: Gemini

This doodle was about twins communicating with each other in different timezones. I didn’t realize the significance of what I drew until somebody commented and gave that title. After that, I decided to do the entire zodiac in due time.



2 of 365 Doodles: Ganesha/Ganpati

I’ve always loved the story of Ganpati/Ganesha, the headstrong son of Parvati, wife of Shiva. He eliminates [or adds] obstacles both material and spiritual in the divine scheme of things. This was given to Kailash Ramchandani.





3 of 365 Doodles: Storm

Drawn while listening to GodSpeed You! Black Emperor’s “Storm”. Please don’t ask me what this is about. I am still figuring it out myself.



4 of 365 Doodles: Phoenix Rising

My Phoenix is not a bird. It is a person who have gone through so many lifetimes in one breath of life and has transitioned into something that nobody else expected. She carries the scars of her wounds like a tattoo, a reminder of her strength and courage. How she struggled to break out of everyone’s mold and expectations, to the firebrand that she is today. And she still rises, breaking glass ceilings in her wake.


5 of 365 Doodles: Twins

At first glance I know it looks like a yin-yang. But that’s what twins are, they balance each other. They are complete opposites, each realizing its own potential yet they complement each other in strange ways. There is both light and dark in both of them – duality of life.


6 of 365 Doodles:When Roots Run Deep

Ever wonder how deep some roots can go? Down to the heart of all things that sustains life.


7 of 365 Doodles: Squid Dreams

Billie woke up from a dream where a giant squid was trying to sink the boat she was in. One got hold of her. She felt that the squid was angry because of what humans were doing to nature. She told the squid that she didn’t do anything and in fact, have done a lot of things to help nature thrive. The squid stopped pulling her down and left. In Billie’s dream, the squid left a mark on her arm.

All these works were created using Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink (because I need it bulletproof) and with the following pens:

  1. LAMY Safari
  2. a vintage 1950s Kaweco Elite 587 pen, stubbed
  3. Sailor Fude de Mannen

PS: I had to add it because I’ve been receiving questions about it. :)

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Caricature: John Nash

Last Saturday, John Nash died. Russell Crowe portrayed him in the movie, “Beautiful Mind”. I saw the movie a long time ago and I remember how his story moved me.

So, I decided to do a caricature as a tribute.


I was able to borrow a friend’s Pilot Justus 95, with a spencerian modification done by Mottishaw. I was so amazed at the hairlines it was producing.

This was the final artwork – digitally colored.


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Cartoons and CaRICAtures

That’s the name of my new weekly column at ManilaSpeak. It’s a challenge because all these caricatures will be done the old fashioned way – meaning drawn and inked by hand, scanned, colored then posted. So far I am loving it.

My first feature was the Senator Grace Poe.

Since I started with a presidentiable, I decided to continue by doing Mayor Rudy Duterte next.



I know my style will evolve. Hopefully by next year, I will be doing digital coloring and rendering of all these caricatures. Looking forward to seeing how this will grow.

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Watercolor Portrait 60 of 100: Alfred

Alfred and I have been friends since high school. He was visiting our neighbor when we ended up talking. We both wrote for our own school’s publication and did illustrations. So technically I got a few tips and tricks from his end. We’d meet up once a year to catch up on stories and when the story was too good to wait, there was always the phone. We fell out of touch a few years after college. I got married and so did he. It wasn’t until a decade or so later that we got in touch via facebook. That’s when we started catching up on each others’ stories again.


This was from a pic I took of him, looking at Jean with adoration in his eyes. :) They’re so beautiful to watch together.

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A Letter to my Dad

I was reading entries done by the CSU students on blogster with Rumi in their minds. I decided to look up the poem on “Love is Reckless ”  and ended up writing this letter instead….

Dear Papa,

When my days would get busy and events start happening almost at the same time, I often looked forward to our lazy Sundays when I would cook the noon time fare for the entire family. It wasn’t the meal that made the day peaceful, although we all ate the food in silence. Not because we didn’t appreciate it, but that’s how we were brought up. Discussions were made before or after meals. One has to eat the food while it’s hot in order to appreciate it.

It was in those hours while I’d let the food simmer in its juices that I truly miss spending time with you. I’d sit under the old swing that you made under the mango tree in our backyard and you’d be smoking 12 feet away with the morning paper on your lap. We’d discuss politics, philosophy and people until mama would shout from the kitchen that lunch will be ready soon. We would then continue the discussion after lunch and resume our places under the trees.

We have talked about almost all topics save one. Love. No, I am not asking for your advise. Not after a failed marriage [that neither of us and the entire family, sorry – entire CLAN, regrets]. Not even after the kind of relationships that I formed after that. I ask because as a parent to another parent, what am I to tell my child about it? Hmmm. Ok. I am asking for advise.

Time is coming soon when my son will fall in love and I truly do not know what to tell him. I am not even sure if by that time, he will heed the counsel of the years – my counsel, no matter how flawed and riddled with mistakes I’ve had with my life.

The kind of family life I live now is far from normal [by Filipino standards]. I know that my son will learn to love based on how his parents loved each other. This is my fear. There’s only one of me…plus my relationships. In spite of all those relationships, I am still no expert for I have stumbled, risen and stumbled, again..and again. I’ve only learned the lessons from the mistakes I’ve made. I remember my grandfather, your father-in-law, saying that love is a race that goes not to the one who runs the fastest, but to the one who keeps on running. So far, I’m the only one in the family that has had pitstops in this race! Not only do I get to refuel and recharge, but I end up changing partners too.

I believe I have learned from the mistakes you and mama have made. I have learned that if I dare to love someone whom I feel in my heart of hearts deserves such love, I will not regret it. But even the noblest and purest intentions will NOT assure me that I’ve made the right choice. Yes, I have been reckless and have ridden the rollercoaster of emotions that Love has offered and yet – I can’t find any reason to feel remorse or anguish as I live Life.

My Life. I have also learned because of your death, that with matters of love, only I will know whether or not I made the right choice.

The swing has been taken down now, although the trees still give that shade under the harsh noon sun. Mama and I no longer talk about anything else except you and my brother. Yes papa, these are the times when I wish you were still alive, so that my son would have a man-to-man discussion about these topics. Issues that I am sure you will be able to discuss with him with a dose of Plato, St. Thomas Moore, Gibran or even Rumi on the side. And yes papa, during times like these I do miss you.


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