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Wish Granted

Last night I was alone and talking to myself [mentally] on my balcony. I was trying to do experiments on coloring and I think, I failed miserably. Feeling bad about it, I took a break.

I told myself, “I just don’t want to be a regular portrait artist. I want to be one of the best. I don’t see a lot of really good artists. I want to be the kind of artist that people seek out to paint portraits for themselves – the kind that will last for generations to come. If I am to do paintings – let it be of people. Portraits. The kind of portraits people will love and feel good about themselves.” That’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t tell anyone about it.

Today, I had a request to do a portrait of a couple. In acrylic. ACRYLIC.

They had an old portrait, a photo, that was fading. A painting wouldn’t – and shouldn’t fade. The best part is that they will provide everything I need.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The Universe heard and answered. I am now moving in that direction and walking it. Yes people, be careful of what you wish for and pray for. Once it comes true, be prepared to hit the ground running!!

Does this mean I will quit being a webmaster or SEO/SEM site manager? No. Will I stop doing digital graphics and designs? No. Will I quit and drop everything to pursue this? No. Rather I will make time and set some goals for myself.

These are:

  1. 100 Portraits of people and pets
  2. 100 Things
  3. 100 Places

They will be hand painted on paper and canvas.

Will this include paintings and works done digitally? No. That is separate. :)

All this will come to pass.

Posted on August 29, 2014 by rica

Watercolor Portrait #29: Marilyn Monroe

This is another ‘test’ between Amado and I. The challenge was how to paint the dress and her hair.



This is my version:


This is Amado’s version. I love how he did the dress, the hair and the shadows.

Mailyn by Amado Chua

With this one, I had problems doing the hair. I guess it is something I have to learn. I will check out youtube for How-To videos after this.

PS: This will be my last painting for this week. Technically I just painted two portraits this week because of my schedule. September is just around the corner and that means I have to do some bazaar duty.

Also, I will be doing some test studies – I was asked to do backgrounds for a short animated feature. The schedule is tight and the task is challenging. So, I will still be painting – I just can’t post any of it until it’s done. And since it’s not portrait, but places, it’s not included in the counting. :)

Posted on August 28, 2014 by rica

Watercolor Portrait #28: Marianne

She was my first boss.



I was in college and a friend told me that her mom was looking for an artist to illustrate a few materials. That’s how it started. Her office became my home away from home. These were the lessons I learned when I worked for her for 3 years:

  1. Just because you are an artist doesn’t mean you should have an “attitude”. A lot of people blame mood swings, slacking, passing substandard work and dressing up like you haven’t taken a bath for ages, just because a person is an “artist”. You are a person, look like one, act like one. This is how I learned to develop a work ethic. While I know creativity can’t be forced, you can always find a way to create things. Also being an artist doesn’t mean I have to dress up like one – that’s why I never did dress up or act like one. I had to look professional, whatever the reason. :)
  2. Hone your craft, follow your dreams and the money will come. This was the most difficult lesson of all. Even as I honed my craft, the money came slowly. I tried to be good at everything I could think of doing in the hopes that I’d “earn a lot”.  I realized later on that the way I think also influenced this. If I wanted to “earn like an executive” I had to be one, that is, start managing people.
  3. Don’t under value yourself. If feel you’re not worth much, it will show and people will treat you accordingly. Yes, another lesson I keep trying to remind myself.
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The President And His Government

“The powers of a (Philippine) President are overwhelming. He commands an army and a national police. He controls the biggest chunk of government resources (budget and manpower). ”

Given this, it makes you wonder why our President choses to clip the Supreme Court’s powers. Is it greed or is he just getting even?

This is the illustration I did for the article that came out in ManilaSpeak.com


Posted on August 26, 2014 by rica

Watercolor Painting #27: Khyber the Shar Pei

I think this will be the last time I will ever do a full body painting of a dog on a 9″ x 12″ paper. How to do the fur and the level of detail drove me nuts. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to paint a Shar Pei. Ha! I know, there are hundreds of dogs. I wonder how many I will get to do till I master “fur”.

I learned dogs have different wrinkles just as they have different spots. No two spots and wrinkles are alike – on any dog. This drove me insane. Knowing that made me more careful when it comes to painting pets.

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