Posted on February 1, 2015 by rica

Watercolor Portrait 53 of 100: Benedict Cumberbatch

Yes, this is a fan art. :)  A watercolor portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch – a very late Christmas gift for an old friend.


This has always been a problem for me – that is painting a face wherein half would be in shadows. I realized that even if ‘half’ of the face is in shadows – one should still show the features. Yes, I need more practise. At least this came out well.

Posted on January 28, 2015 by rica

Watercolor Portrait 52 of 100: 2nd Portrait of Pope Francis

Rappler was able to take a beautiful picture of Pope Francis during that rainy Sunday before his last mass at Luneta. I wanted to see if I could capture the happiness of the photo. It was an image I wanted to remember.



I also tried something different with this painting. Instead of premixing colors on the palette, I’m trying to  mix them all on paper. The result is actually VERY interesting. It changes the skin tones.



The final result looked like this up close.


Posted on January 27, 2015 by rica

Watercolor Portrait 51 to 100: EiLu’s White Cat

How do you paint a white cat? Until I actually get to learn how to do it (aside from merely painting the fur 50 shades of gray :D ), I will try to find creative ways of depicting them in pet portraits. For this I decided to just concentrate on the features and the dark area of the photo.

This is the original photo.

I realized that it is the eyes that makes an image stand out – so that’s what I focused on perfecting.


I did put on some fur. It’s just not that obvious. :)

Posted on January 26, 2015 by rica

Watercolor Portrait 49 of 100: Isla

After almost 3 weeks of doing online work, am finally happy to be able to hold the brush and paint again.

I need more practise in doing children. I find children difficult to paint because they have less curves, corners and wrinkles – features that give people their own ‘character’.


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