I was fortunate to be gifted with a calligraphy set by a blogster member early this year. That motivated me to try my hand at calligraphy. I got some ebooks and doodled a few.


calligraphy_01 calligraphy_02 calligraphy_03

While I was practising, I stumbled upon 3D calligraphy from an instagram account by Tolga. Inspired by Tolga’s works, I decided to try it out. 3D calligraphy is quite new to me. For some architects and designers they call it optical illusion and indeed it is.

3DCalligraphy_01 3DCalligraphy_02 3DCalligraphy_04 3DCalligraphy_05

The challenge is how to make the letters look like they’re standing or floating on paper. All you need is a calligraphy pen and pencil. 🙂

3DCalligraphy_08 3DCalligraphy_07 3DCalligraphy_06

Yes, I am just doodling. I guess you can tell that I am thrilled by this new find.

Just taking a break from watercolor painting. Am not done with 19th portrait yet. 🙂


I’m still putting in the details, correcting the tonal value and color. I’ll see how it looks like in the morning and add more later.

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